Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Prospersity Gospel

Why the Prosperity Gospel is Correct. Some Christians say the prosperity gospel is false and look at Jesus because he did not acquire any material things and they say, that image is the truth. But what they have to see is the True Reality, which is God's long term Plan.

Faith is " Seeing " what is not yet, but what will be. Satan is a thief and he had legal right to steal. But everything Satan does is only for a Season. All things are God's, and who ever is with God inherits what is God's.

Just because Jesus did not "Take back the earth " when he first came, was only because it was not time yet. But it was the "Beginning of that season",

When he said the Kingdom has come to man, it mean a " Door " to the Kingdom is now here, as God said to Adam, when Adam walked out of the Kingdom, Adam step through a door that disappeared , He said to Adam, where are you Now ?

When Adam took that, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind", he walked out a door, and that door closed behind him, and "Everything Change".

He lost "Everything" at once, just like Moses when He Killed the Egyptian, he Lost his adoption, and was no longer Son of Pharaoh, but lost "Everything" with that one Step.

But it only take's "One Step" now, to "Go back" to the Kingdom. And we see God plan in Israel, as they "walked" in the right direction, toward God, and ended up in Solomon's day, with all the wealth being Transferred back where it belonged, to the rightful heirs.

Now this Door, who is "Christ" is the door to the Kingdom. And when you step into the Kingdom, is does not matter that you are still on earth, you are still in the Kingdom, and the wealth Transfer will begin, just like when the blood was applied to the door post in Egypt, the Wealth started to transfer right away.

Now it took a long time for Israel to get to "Solomon's day, but that was only because they Had their "Faith" and eyes on Egypt, and was Walking back out of the Kingdom by Unbelief.

Now Jesus walked out of the wilderness in 40 days. I am convince, if a Christian walks correct from the point of getting saved, in 40 days it's possible to have all wealth transferred, all sickness healed, everything restored.

I think that applies to backsliders also. All a backslider is, is a person who did not walk straight in the wilderness, got discouraged and went back to Egypt, or is still stuck in the wilderness.

When Sin is not fully repented off, you can believe in Jesus, but your still outside of the Kingdom. It's just like the Prodigal son. He knew he had a Father, but it did him no good, because you are where you are, as God said to Adam, " Where art thou " ?

So you can be " Born again Believer " but still be outside of the Kingdom.

But, in only takes to fully Restore all things " One step of Faith " to get back, which is also " One Giant Step for mankind" .

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


 It's 1:19 am and I am watching you..

The thought passed my mind, that perhaps, the ships of our life's are just about passed . I am no longer casting and you have a new promising relationship, perhaps it's close to the end of me knowing you .

We did not get as Close as Friends as I would have liked, but I think you will stand out, as one of the most Amazing people I have met in my life.

It's the 6 year anniversary of you casting, and you have brought so much happiness, into the life's of many lonely people . Jesus came into the world as a " Gift to all " and your life, by sharing it casting, has been a " Gift " to many .

Nothing happens by Accident . You started Casting on Christmas day 6 years ago as a " Gift " to many . You brought the rare gift of sharing yourself to the lonely . I can't think of a greater " Gift ", you can give than that .

6 days God made the World . I guess if God brings into your life a Special person, then your gift of creating a connection to others souls and spirits by casting, will come to a end and you can give, your gift, to one person .

You have brought " Life " into my life, by sharing yourself and your kindness .

In case I am right, and our ships pass, I just want you to know that, I will always " Love you " .

When I drive down a lonely dark road at night, and look up at the moon, I will think, the world is not such a bad place, people like you are here, and I am not " alone " .

On Jihad

Jihad is Arabic for what can be variously translated as"struggle"or"to strive," "to exert," "to fight".Sound familar? Mein Kampf "My Stuggle".

The Quran does call for "jihad" as a military struggle on behalf of Islam.

But the Quran also refers to jihad as an internal, individual,spiritual struggle toward self-improvement, moral cleansing & intellectual effort