Monday, November 10, 2014

Parents and Children

Watching " The Breakfast Club " . Ally Sheedy who plays Allison Reynolds in the movie, who's character is a withdrawn very Stange girl in the movie, finally starts speaking in the movie . Emilio Estevez who plays Andrew Clark in the Movie, has a moment of connection with her and ask her " Whats wrong, is it bad, is it your parents ? She says " yea " . He says " What did they do to you " . She says " " " They Ignore me """ .

What a statement . Parents get so busy with life, they Ignore their kids . That's like saying, non verbally, I care more about Everything else, than you . 

This act of " Ignoring " the child, is a Mentally and Spiritually Starvation . We see kids in Africa, who have been starved of food, but seem happy with almost nothing . 

In the united states, if you could see the Child's Soul and spirit, it would look like the child who was starved in Africa .

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

You're Amazing

It's 1:19 am and I am watching you on JTV . 

The thought passed my mind, that perhaps, the ships of our life's are just about passed . I am no longer casting on BC and you have a new promising relationship, perhaps it's close to the end of me knowing you .

We did not get as Close as Friends as I would have liked, but I think you will stand out, as one of the most Amazing people I have met in my life. 

It's the 6 year anniversary of you casting, and you have brought so much happiness, into the life's of many lonely people . Jesus came into the world as a " Gift to all " and your life, by sharing it casting, has been a " Gift " to many . 

Nothing happens by Accident . You started Casting on Christmas day 6 years ago as a " Gift " to many . You brought the rare gift of sharing yourself to the lonely . I can't think of a greater " Gift ", you can give than that . 

6 days God made the World . I guess if God brings into your life a Special person, then your gift of creating a connection to others souls and spirits by casting, will come to a end and you can give, your gift, to one person .

You have brought " Life " into my life, by sharing yourself and your kindness . 

In case I am right, and our ships pass, I just want you to know that, I will always " Love you " .

When I drive down a lonely dark road at night, and look up at the moon, I will think, the world is not such a bad place, people like Mariana are here, and I am not " alone " . 

Love always 

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Chess Match

The bible Says, There is a " Time " for War. We do have to fight battles. But if you fighting battles when it's suppose to be a time of peace, is where we Go Wrong and lose our Peace.

Question, Do you think The Government under " Bush & 911 " Drove the Country into a State of Paranoia & Madness with the massive NSA build up? If al-Qaeda was Playing a Chest Game with 911, then they Drove the country into spending Billion of Dollars on NSA instead of healhcare.

Also Billions of Dollars were Spend on the War with al-Qaeda . If you can control Emotion of People, you can Control them like a puppet.  Perhaps they did a Psychological Profile on Bush, and Like a Trojan horse, got into his head, then once in the head, he was the puppet.

Lets face it,they targeted everything that would "Trigger"a deep Emotional Response.But Perhaps,they knew that was the key to fort Fort Knox. And Fort Knox as we all well know, was already Bankrupt . So maybe they were in Alliance with a country that wanted to Buy us out.

Good chess Players, can almost win the game, before a move is made . All you got to do is know your Opponent, really well. Keep your Friends Close, but keep your enemy's even closer. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Not a coincidence aired this week. Story of a man in Africa has a Vision and a "Door" Opens & he gets healed.

He (Christ) was Broken, yet God was not Broken and He ( being God) rose again.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Chemistry of Love

If a person says I love you,brain makes Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, (Opiates) If a person says I hate you, it makes Cortisol & adrenaline.

I guess if you want to be Sick, hang out with people who don't like you or treat you right.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mentality of the Scriptures

I heard a speaker. He said that He went to heaven and had Revelation, yet he made sure everything he saw was in the bible .

I don't quite understand the Mentality of the Scriptures Stopping with Paul? Last time I checked in the day of Penticost, Connection between God and Man was brought back together, and the Evidence was a Tongue, which Represents Communication Restored.

It's like Me not having enough money for internet, then I finally Pay the Bill and get it back, then someone telling me, what I ever I get off the internet, I got to make sure it agrees with what I got from the internet before, Like the Connection was Better before.

The Connection before, was only Dial up and only a few people had it at time.

Now, everyone can have it.

I do understand that Revelation is subject to interpretation. But, as far as that goes, so is the Bible.

And the Bible is not a Open Revelation . It takes the Spirit to Decode it.

Jesus, was the Word ( Bible ) when he walked the Earth.

Yet, until the Spirit came, he appeared to be a ordinary man.

Jesus said, the Spirit, will lead you Into all Truths.

The Spirit, is the one who Wrote the Bible, the Author.

The way things are set up, are Good . We got the bible and people like you have on your show, Writing the books, that should have been Written.

So, it's all Good.

I am just amazed at the Mentality of men . God can not be contained in a Bible, any more than he can be contained in the House David wanted to Build for him.

You know Satan, does not anything Written, He does not want any Spirit revelation.

So he instilled Fear in men and Satan also tried to say that the rest of us are not Holy enough, like the Disciples and Paul were somehow more holy than us.

We all know that we are all equal as Holy in Christ.

But then he who walks in the light, will see Light . It's just a Choice at that point, open to all.

But, I know you understand all these things.

Enjoy the ride, that's all we got until the trip is over .

Your doing Fantastic . Your a fantastic blessing, just like Abraham was to all .

Keep up the good work, but don't overdo it like Moses did, when his ministry took off .

Monday, November 11, 2013


One last Word. I keep Hearing Positioning.

God said Where Art thou? If your not walking in the commandments,where is your Positioning? Its not in the blessing, its in the cursing.

- Words of the Final Prophet

Sunday, November 10, 2013


It is my great pleasure to recognize Loukiboy as our man of the year. His faithful service, tireless advice, and continued support are an important part of my ministry.

He is like an adopted son.

- The One True Prophet

 Credit OccupyBC for this fine picture from the church.

Satan's Walls

Satan loves to Spread confusion and Doubt. But the Spirit of Truth makes things Clear with no Doubt.

Talking to a person Caught up in Ego and Pride, is like talking to a high satanic wall, which is more powerful than stone.

Satan will go to no End building his Kingdom walls. He can't get them High enough.

Just one Revelation of God, Blows down any wall Satan can build .

- Teachings of Seventology

Saturday, November 9, 2013

5 Foolish Virgins

The Preacher says you have to Appropriate Faith. Jesus said if you love me, you will walk in my commandments.

If I don't love Jesus, I will not walk in the commandments, and then I am not connected to the Vine.

If I am not connected to the Vine, then I am like the 5 Foolish virgins.

The 5 Foolish Virgins, believed in Jesus as Lord. But the did not walk in the commandments, was not connected to the vine & had no oil.

Friday, November 8, 2013

The season of blessing was Beset, because of Sin

Judg 6:1 6 And the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord. The season of blessing was Beset, because of Sin.

God show me today, the mountain of Blessing and cursing still has not changed in the days of Grace.

God Promises never Fail, but they can be beset by Sin. Look at Israel 2000 years beset. Christians have to understand "Cause and Effects " Sin Causes a besetting curse of a season. Sin is Sowing a seed of faith in Satan.

When you Sin, you are Trusting in Satan and Sowing a seed by Faith in Satan.  The Promises of God do not fail,but they can be beset for a season by a seed of Sin & if you continue to sin even the soul can be lost, Sin is a work of faith, in Satan. People only sin who have faith in Satan, like Eve . She had faith in Satan, and she sowed a seed.

It's one thing to Help the People by getting them to sow into you ministry, but If they continue to sin, they will not reap.

For example, Oprah is a billion dollar industry, because she Sowed Kindness, love, and the best truth she could find. Oprah also had a mustard seed of faith, but she grew because of what she sowed in love.

Esau did not Value the Blessing ( Promise of God who is the Word of God, who is Jesus ) Old and new testament is the same. You can not Throw away Jesus, any more than Judas did, and be blessed.