Friday, November 15, 2013

The Chess Match

The bible Says, There is a " Time " for War. We do have to fight battles. But if you fighting battles when it's suppose to be a time of peace, is where we Go Wrong and lose our Peace.

Question, Do you think The Government under " Bush & 911 " Drove the Country into a State of Paranoia & Madness with the massive NSA build up? If al-Qaeda was Playing a Chest Game with 911, then they Drove the country into spending Billion of Dollars on NSA instead of healhcare.

Also Billions of Dollars were Spend on the War with al-Qaeda . If you can control Emotion of People, you can Control them like a puppet.  Perhaps they did a Psychological Profile on Bush, and Like a Trojan horse, got into his head, then once in the head, he was the puppet.

Lets face it,they targeted everything that would "Trigger"a deep Emotional Response.But Perhaps,they knew that was the key to fort Fort Knox. And Fort Knox as we all well know, was already Bankrupt . So maybe they were in Alliance with a country that wanted to Buy us out.

Good chess Players, can almost win the game, before a move is made . All you got to do is know your Opponent, really well. Keep your Friends Close, but keep your enemy's even closer. 

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