Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mentality of the Scriptures

I heard a speaker. He said that He went to heaven and had Revelation, yet he made sure everything he saw was in the bible .

I don't quite understand the Mentality of the Scriptures Stopping with Paul? Last time I checked in the day of Penticost, Connection between God and Man was brought back together, and the Evidence was a Tongue, which Represents Communication Restored.

It's like Me not having enough money for internet, then I finally Pay the Bill and get it back, then someone telling me, what I ever I get off the internet, I got to make sure it agrees with what I got from the internet before, Like the Connection was Better before.

The Connection before, was only Dial up and only a few people had it at time.

Now, everyone can have it.

I do understand that Revelation is subject to interpretation. But, as far as that goes, so is the Bible.

And the Bible is not a Open Revelation . It takes the Spirit to Decode it.

Jesus, was the Word ( Bible ) when he walked the Earth.

Yet, until the Spirit came, he appeared to be a ordinary man.

Jesus said, the Spirit, will lead you Into all Truths.

The Spirit, is the one who Wrote the Bible, the Author.

The way things are set up, are Good . We got the bible and people like you have on your show, Writing the books, that should have been Written.

So, it's all Good.

I am just amazed at the Mentality of men . God can not be contained in a Bible, any more than he can be contained in the House David wanted to Build for him.

You know Satan, does not anything Written, He does not want any Spirit revelation.

So he instilled Fear in men and Satan also tried to say that the rest of us are not Holy enough, like the Disciples and Paul were somehow more holy than us.

We all know that we are all equal as Holy in Christ.

But then he who walks in the light, will see Light . It's just a Choice at that point, open to all.

But, I know you understand all these things.

Enjoy the ride, that's all we got until the trip is over .

Your doing Fantastic . Your a fantastic blessing, just like Abraham was to all .

Keep up the good work, but don't overdo it like Moses did, when his ministry took off .

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