Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Genetic Blood Line

A Important thing I see on the Genetic blood line . The reason Jesus gave him to teach this is because " Religion & tradition " has taught you only get Salvation, when you are Born again . So, they have Stripped down what God Originally offered by the Cross . That's why Jesus I believe said, is it easier to say rise up and walk or your sins are Forgiven to the man paralyzed, who his friends lowered down in the roof .

We know that Satan's Goal is to Steal . So because of years and years and years they taught receiving Jesus was only for salvation, Even though they did not rewrite the bible, they rewritten the word in the hearts and minds of people, and then churches pass down the rules .

Remember Jesus said, Be it according to your Faith .

So, all that Dr. Francis Myles is doing, is making people see another truth another way ( like Heart Bypass Surgery which uses other Vessels to deliver blood ) Forming new Avenues of Faith .

The truth is, all was provided on the Cross . Now as far as the open revelation, the Word came out of the Scar ( what was done on the cross ) that's what open the Door to God, and God sent his Word through the Scar/door . The scar on the hand is what open the Door to God and allowed the Word to Live in us on the inside .

Now if the Word does not live on the inside of us, we can't get Healed .

But, once the Word entered him, ( in the revelation ) then he was Healed and the boils went away .

The noise the people heard in the Vision, is the Confusion that Satan creates, that keeps people from Hearing, since faith comes by Hearing .

But if the church allows Satan to strip down the Word by confusion and religion and tradition, then they can only receive what they Hear . ( Plus the noise also represent the satanic word of satan that is Heard everywhere in the World, that goes against Faith, God, or even believing in the supernatural, also all the Hate and trespasses produced by even Demons, that is constantly put in our mind .

So all God did, was reroute Faith by seeing another Truth that tied into the original truth, the fact that the cross Provided all .

Satan is a master at Confusion and diluting down Truth and lying . He did the same thing in the garden of Eden .

I am trying to write a book, that will destroy ever trick Satan has, because I cracked a secret in the Bible, a core secret that Satan knows and Christians seem to be blind on .

I went through Hell to get these secrets, and Satan is still fighting me every step of the way to stop me from writing this book .

It's hard to think straight and hold to faith, when your in a state of exhaustion .

Satan does not want this book to come out, because if it does, I could win Oprah, psychologist, new age people and over throw 1000's of tricks Satan has woven into the Church .

Plus I found a secret about Mary, that would Destroy Catholic from thinking she delived Christ because she was Holy .

I found the true Secret that God Hid . It's not obvious at all . God hides stuff . He truly does not open secrets to all .

But, I think now is the time for a book like mine, to Open that which is hidden . - Teachings of Seventology

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