Friday, November 8, 2013

The season of blessing was Beset, because of Sin

Judg 6:1 6 And the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord. The season of blessing was Beset, because of Sin.

God show me today, the mountain of Blessing and cursing still has not changed in the days of Grace.

God Promises never Fail, but they can be beset by Sin. Look at Israel 2000 years beset. Christians have to understand "Cause and Effects " Sin Causes a besetting curse of a season. Sin is Sowing a seed of faith in Satan.

When you Sin, you are Trusting in Satan and Sowing a seed by Faith in Satan.  The Promises of God do not fail,but they can be beset for a season by a seed of Sin & if you continue to sin even the soul can be lost, Sin is a work of faith, in Satan. People only sin who have faith in Satan, like Eve . She had faith in Satan, and she sowed a seed.

It's one thing to Help the People by getting them to sow into you ministry, but If they continue to sin, they will not reap.

For example, Oprah is a billion dollar industry, because she Sowed Kindness, love, and the best truth she could find. Oprah also had a mustard seed of faith, but she grew because of what she sowed in love.

Esau did not Value the Blessing ( Promise of God who is the Word of God, who is Jesus ) Old and new testament is the same. You can not Throw away Jesus, any more than Judas did, and be blessed.

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