Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Religion Starts with Killing

When don't walk in the Word, but walk in Self or Sin we allow Satan to Steal, kill and destroy in our life.

But The Promise of God is still in effect . What is Lost is a set time or season, it besets or resets to another season the blessing.

So what Happens to the Christan, in not understanding this Principle, loses Faith, when the Promise does not come to pass.

And if Faith in the Word is Lost, then the Promise is lost.

If you look at Israel, they had a Promise that the Land was theirs. But because of Sin, the Promise has been stolen time and time again

What I am saying has to be true, because Jesus came with the new covenant, but Israel lost the promise for 2000 years.

So the Christian has to have Faith in the Promise ( any Word of God ) But has to accept that Sin does allow Satan to Steal for a season.

If Satan could not Cause Damage, why would he Bother to fight?

Then when you don't have Faith in the Word, you turn farther into Sin, because you then believe it does not work, and you give up
He damages in 2 ways,he steals for a season, Which then weakens because the promise does not come to pass,which decreases faith in the word.

A luke warm Christian, is a example of a Christian that is Religious, ( getting something out of it like the scribes and pharisees did ) & even if you don't give up, you still lose faith in the word & can not get the blessing .If you don't get from God,you have nothing to give.

But the Scribes and Pharisees got so much out of Religion, they were willing to Kill Jesus to hold onto, what they were getting out of it.

If a christain is not getting the Promises of God, because of lack of Faith, then all that remains to get is what Religion can give.

And once again, The Scribes and the Pharisees Killed Jesus, to get what Religion can give . It was so valuable to them, they killed for it

And they not only Killed for it, they Killed the Son of God for it . But Cain who slew Abel, started the first religion, & killed also.    - Teachings of Seventology, 2013

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