Sunday, November 3, 2013

On Celibacy

Do you think it's possible for men to be celibate before marriage?

Yea they can remain Celibate if they see the Value of it, and fear Sin .

It all goes back to original Sin in the garden . If you Value God and his Word and believe it's the best way, then you will go that way .

But, if you do not Fear Sin Like Eve, then you walk that way and you will Allow --------------------Satan to Kill, Steal, and to destroy in your life .

And you will forfeit the good things God has in store for you .

Joshua chapter 1 says meditate on my word Day and night, then you will be successful .

Hollywood has so desensitize us to sin that we don't even know how to be blessed and get God's best for our life .

Sure, we can get forgiveness of sins, but if you think for one second Satan is not going go Steal something good God had in store for you, then your a sucker for ' Fools gold "

Eve was a complete Loser .

If you want to be a loser and live in the Wilderness and not in Canaan land, go ahead and Sin .

I tried it for 14 years, and I am almost Dead, so go ahead, be a fool like me .

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