Monday, November 4, 2013

The War in Your Mind

Exploring your Darkest Fantasies, is in reality being Driven into them by a force you don't understand .

But I have perfect understanding of that force and I have perfect understanding on how to make the War Stop in the mind .

Power always comes from within . You ride to escape, which is a manifestation of the things you can't escape from, on the inside .

I don't know if the girl in the video is you, or all of us at one time in our life and you are just sharing who you were or what all of us experience .

Some don't win the war and die inside, other don't win the war and escape in to sex, drug, people or even Work, just to quiet the demons .

You can lose yourself in many things, but until you now how to beat the War in the mind your not " Riding " , your being Driven .

- Teachings of Seventology

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