Monday, November 10, 2014

Parents and Children

Watching " The Breakfast Club " . Ally Sheedy who plays Allison Reynolds in the movie, who's character is a withdrawn very Stange girl in the movie, finally starts speaking in the movie . Emilio Estevez who plays Andrew Clark in the Movie, has a moment of connection with her and ask her " Whats wrong, is it bad, is it your parents ? She says " yea " . He says " What did they do to you " . She says " " " They Ignore me """ .

What a statement . Parents get so busy with life, they Ignore their kids . That's like saying, non verbally, I care more about Everything else, than you . 

This act of " Ignoring " the child, is a Mentally and Spiritually Starvation . We see kids in Africa, who have been starved of food, but seem happy with almost nothing . 

In the united states, if you could see the Child's Soul and spirit, it would look like the child who was starved in Africa .

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