Monday, May 27, 2013

You Will Be Tested

That's what I get for hanging out with the unsaved, but Christians can be evil also, in a way they don't understand. You will meet them when you die, that's a fact. When you are being harassed, it takes away any happiness you could get.

Stan has all the bases covered to produce loneliness. He controls the unsaved in a large way, and is powerfully present in the christian world.  But God, who is my shepherd will have me prevail, all those that stand against me will fail, sooner or later.

We are on this earth for a very very short time to be tested. It's a test. Your words and your judgements and how you treat others will be judged.  People try to defame me by lies and false imaginations' but God knows my heart, he can see the truth about me.

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